Monday, 24 February 2014

The Baker's Palace 麥の宫殿, Ipoh// A Dessert Adventure

Cakes... Girls do love cakes..
But what's came to your mind when we mention cake?
Chocolate cake, coffee cake, walnut cake, cheese cake...
What if your cake is made of wasabi? Chinese sausage? Tofu?
How weird is that?!

The Baker's Palace,
an ordinary bakery when look from the outside,
but when you step in you will know what is the meaning of " Don't Judge A BOOK By Its Cover!"

At the first glance, everything seems normal....
Ya Ya... The bakery has a lots of cakes...
But when you look closer......



PICKLED TOFU CHEESE cake (腐乳芝士蛋糕)?!



Well, you do get all the WEIRD flavour cakes here!
Really need to TUMBS UP for the Chef's creativity and Weirdness !!! 

You can have a look at their page to see what else do they have

What I like the most about this bakery is you can try all the flavour before you make a choice of which to buy!
Let me introduce two of my favourite cakes here!!!
I fall in love with the refreshing eastern flavoured cake here!!!!

Osmanthus Palace (宮殿桂花)
If you love watching TVB dramas or China drama, you might recognize this cake as this was the favourite dessert by princess and concubine (妃子)!

The aroma combination of the osmanthus flower petals and wolfberry (goji) within the gelato creates an amalgation of taste which compliments the smoothness of cream in the second layer..
The most delightful thing is the refreshing scent of Osmanthus flower will just stay and covering your whole mouth even after you swallow it...
This cake just take my breath away!!!

Rose rose I Love You ( Rose Cheese Cake) 
The WoW factor of this cake is that they use the actual fresh rose petal in the cake!!!
With a bite, a fresh aromatic rose with a hint of bitterness seems to bloom within your mouth!!!
And it ends well with the crunchy base of the cheese cake~

If you are not a fan of something too sweet,
these will be a great choice for you!

糖心蛋 or Soft-centered egg by the Owner of The Baker's Palace!
Well, this is off the menu but it tasted delicious too!!!
Thanks to the Owner for the free Hong Kong style egg!!!
P/s: Small intro of owner, he had gain lots of bakery experience in Hong Kong and he is now back to Malaysia to share his creativity!!!
He is a Chef on FIRE!!!!
You can see his passion towards dessert burning in his eyes.

Can I have this as my Birthday cake?

Well, CAKE Don't Have to Taste SWEET right?!
Do stop by when you visit Ipoh YA~~~

麥の宮殿 The baker's Palace
36, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
phone: 05-2259163
(Opposite of Purple Cane Tea House in Ipoh, near to Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa (奇峰豆腐花))

Friday, 13 December 2013 Cafe, Publika Solaris : The Porky Delicious Cuisine

Opps... Sorry for the ugly piggy face..
But this post is all about Pork so a Piggy post is a must!
So, sorry to all my Muslim readers as this is a non-halal food post...

Well, from the name of this cafe, we can easily know what is on the menu--> Pork Cuisine! Cafe is located at the corner within the B.I.G store in Publika.
P/s: A secret hiding place where all the windows were shut tide!!!

Hint: the place where they sell Non-halal food and there's where it is!

 Let's see what is on the Menu!

Eggs Benedict RM24.00
This Eggs Benedict was so amazing!!! I craved for it ever since I had a taste on it!

It really melted my heart when stuffing all three layers of the Thick Ham, vege and the Bread which coated with the egg yolk into my mouth!!!!

Spicy Bacon with Mushrooms RM28.00
Personally I don't really like pasta which is overload with creamy sauce, so this pasta was just alright for me.
With the flavorful dried bacon bits,  eating a mouthful of the less salty pasta together with a bits of bacon will taste just right, not too salty or too heavy.

Sausage and Bacon Chunks Pasta RM28.00
The sauce was enriched with creamy capsicum tomato and fulled with thick bacon chunk coated on every strand of pasta.
If you prefer pasta with creamy sauce, then this will be the just right pasta for you.

Warm Pork Confit, Watermelon & Lycee Salad RM28
This is a delightful pork belly salad where pork actually taste great with Lycee and watermelon!
Look a bit weird but it is refreshing and taste unexpectedly good too!

The surface of the pork belly was crunchy yet the inner was soft especially the fats!!!
I just love it where we can taste the texture of every different layers within the meat which was blended so well. 
P/s: Usually I will cut out the fats part cause I don't really like it..

Highly recommend to share the food with your friends as the portion is quite big.
Besides, you can have a taste of  different type of cuisine if your share~~

Thank you to my colleagues who brought me here and shared these good food with me~ 

Another food hunt with Ying Tin!

Well, the food in cafe is great, the interior is great and Both the food and interior are full with creativity.
Thumbs up for cafe!

S.Wine Cafe
Lot 1A 83-95, Level UG1, Publika
Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
(Inside The B.I.G store)
Weekdays 11am-10pm,
Weekends 9am-10pm.

Monday, 2 December 2013

I'm Graduated!!!!

Wee~~~ Finally I'm Officially Graduated from University!!!!
It's been a while that I have left Sabah after my Final Semester ended and I really miss all my lovely friend there.
And I really can't sleep during the night before flying back to Sabah due to all the Excitement and all the mixing feeling!

But I'm really glad that I met all my friends and course mates again before we really need to say Gooodbye.

The Graduation ceremony- one of the Big Day in Life!!!
Many graduates cried even during the marching in ceremony and I tried so hard to hold my tears...

Well, my mind turned blank when I walked up the stage~~~ @,@

I feel really thankful to my family for giving all their support and patience during my study period in University although I'm far away from home.

The two most important Friends in My life~
Really grateful for having them to be by my side for all my happy and sad period.
Thank you for pulling me up while I'm sinking.
Love you two~~~ 

My best friends from my course~
Although we are different in skin colour and religious, but we love each other!!!!
Definiently will miss you Guys!!!

My lovely juniors~~~
Hope you girls will stay happy and lovely~~

Wee~~~ After the throwing hat photo, it's time for some crazy graduation picture where I took from the best view in my University!!!

YiiiiHAAA!!!!! I'm a Rhinogirl~~~~

Officially saying good bye to this Land Below Wind, sea, beaches and clean air...
It's time to move on and look forward the future!!!

Thank you all for attending my graduation!!!
And lastly thank you all who has come into my Uni life and Make it Colourful and Meaningful For me~
Love you guys!!!